Is COMMUNE a direct lender?

We are a portfolio lender. All decisions are made in house.

Do you work with Brokers?

Yes, we work with licensed real estate brokers. COMMUNE requires that a licensed real estate broker be present in the transaction and brokers are welcome to reach out to COMMUNE’s affiliated broker, ABLP Realty Capital (DRE License REC #01956647).

Do you have contracts with Brokers?
COMMUNE does not require a contract with our Brokers.
Do you have to get approved as a Broker?
No, we just ask you to present your real estate brokers license during your first deal.
Do you protect Brokers?
Yes, COMMUNE values the relationship with its brokers and does everything possible to protect it.
How do I submit a deal?
What is your minimum and maximum loan amount?
$500,000-$5,000,000 per loan. Larger loans considered on a case by case basis.
Do you work nationwide?
Yes, in select markets typically with a population exceeding 100,000.
Do you do land deals?
How long does the loan process take from pre-qualification to funding?
COMMUNE works as quickly as possible to fund your loans. In our experience, funding usually takes 2-3 weeks on average.
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